Broken Down Hottie

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Thinking of the odds of this happening, makes you feel truly blessed. Off to buy some brewskis and grill some barbecue, we spot Kelsi Monroe stranded in the middle of nowhere. Yep… one of the hottest girls in the porn world, and she’s basically a damsel in distress waiting to fuck anybody that can rescue her. As I pull up to ask her if she needs any help, you can sense the desperation in her voice. Like the gentleman I am, I dismount and check her hoopty out. I didn’t know what the fuck I was looking at but I still had to make her believe I did. I then proceeded to invite Kelsi back to my place so she could wait for her boyfriend to pick her up. She hops into the car and suddenly starts twerking and showing us some camel toe action. I truly can’t make this shit up. We get back to my place and there’s definitely some flirtation coming from her, so I reciprocate. She shows me more of her twerking skills, and at this point I can’t resist. I pull her panties down and shove my face in juicy fucking ass!

Deliciously round asses banged hard!

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