The Naughty Librarian

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“It’s always the quiet ones.” College coed Kelsi Monroe is interning at the campus library, but after hours she has a bad habit of surfing porn on her work computer. Hoping to see more of Kelsi, student Seth Gamble stays late and catches her stripping out of her conservative attire, down to her sexy red lingerie. This bookworm gives Seth a glimpse of her bountiful booty, then sucks and fucks her dildo, forgetting all about the library’s quiet-zone policy. Seth can’t believe he’s seeing this shrinking violet shove a dildo up her ass, but when Kelsi catches him whacking in the stacks, she becomes the strict librarian of his dreams, making him eat her asshole and feed her the cock she’s craving. Then this naughty nerd demands to be choked while getting fucked to orgasm. And whoever thought libraries were quiet has never been around one when Kelsi Monroe is inside, cumming from the kind of all-out anal action that looks better on film than on the page.

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Ballerina Booty

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Kelsi Monroe has gone to see renowned dancing coach JMac for ballet lessons. Kelsi is has always wanted to be a dancer and JMac has decided to give her a private lesson. After some hands-on stretching, JMac wants to see what Kelsi can do, so he lets her take center stage, by twerking and shaking her big, beautiful booty! Kelsi twerks her ass off and teases JMac with her phat ass! After an intense and extremely sexy performance, Kelsi is ready to cool down by sucking and fucking JMac’s rock hard cock! This horny slut’s dripping wet pussy can’t wait to get stuffed by her instructor as Kelsi’s perfect ass steals the spotlight as she dances on his big cock!

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Broken Down Hottie

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Thinking of the odds of this happening, makes you feel truly blessed. Off to buy some brewskis and grill some barbecue, we spot Kelsi Monroe stranded in the middle of nowhere. Yep… one of the hottest girls in the porn world, and she’s basically a damsel in distress waiting to fuck anybody that can rescue her. As I pull up to ask her if she needs any help, you can sense the desperation in her voice. Like the gentleman I am, I dismount and check her hoopty out. I didn’t know what the fuck I was looking at but I still had to make her believe I did. I then proceeded to invite Kelsi back to my place so she could wait for her boyfriend to pick her up. She hops into the car and suddenly starts twerking and showing us some camel toe action. I truly can’t make this shit up. We get back to my place and there’s definitely some flirtation coming from her, so I reciprocate. She shows me more of her twerking skills, and at this point I can’t resist. I pull her panties down and shove my face in juicy fucking ass!

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Poke Em Xxx Parody

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Ever since he was a little boy, Sean always loved video games. He thought he finally outgrew them until a new app was released which allowed him to catch some of the hottest chicks and take them home to poke. He spent the majority of the day looking for the most absolutely gorgeous women he could find, and he did his best to catch them all. Sean played that game ferociously and was able to capture four. He took them back to his place and set them all up to battle and see who was the best twerker. Kelsi Monroe happened to completely mesmerize him and win the competition. Her phenomenal ass just gyrated and put him in a trance. Sean fucked her in all kinds of positions and leveled up each time!

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Dirty Minds

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Kelsi Monroe was wearing some incredible hot pants that were stuck in her butt like they were glued in there. Her ass isn’t anything to mess with, unless you know what you’re doing. Kelsi’s smile and horniness came to devour some cock, but she first put on a little show. She worked her ass and showed her amazing spread. After a ground moving ass clap session, Levi came in with some oil to ease the friction because things were heated up. Kelsi finally got his cock,and she went to town on it. She slobbered on it like it was coated in sugar. Levi was in booty heaven, and Kelsi bounced on his dick with vigor. She spread her legs like no other, as she really took the saying one leg up to a whole new level. She came time and time again, and then took a heavy load from Levi. Kelsi Monroe is a champ, and we love when she comes around to shake up our world!

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Two Better Than One

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Kelsi Monroe and Victoria Webb shared more than enough Monster Curves between the two of them. And that’s exactly where you want to be… right in the center of four plump juicy ass cheeks and titties. Knowing what they had, Peter waited, as they bounced around the room, groping and exploring each other’s majestic bodies. There were both very hot and horny when they let Peter in, and gave him a dual blowjob. Peter dove deeper and deeper into the curves and crevices for as long as he could, until he unleashed onto Kelsi’s face and Victoria’s ass.

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Good Ole Us Of A

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Kelsi Monroe and Dylan Daniels were having a little July 4th celebration with Ills. While they waited for Mirko to show, Ills had some fireworks he set off. It was quite the show with explosions going off, as Kelsi and Dylan rubbed each other’s curves through their American flag outfits. They got super patriotic, as they covered their juicy tits and firm round asses with actual flags. Mirko finally showed up with his footlong man-dog, and the girls provided the buns, as they shared his cock between their mouths and pussies. We saw more fireworks when they went inside, and the girls got fucked proper. Then Mirko shot a rocket of cum into Kelsi and Dylan’s faces for the grand finale.

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