The Lost Phone

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Kelsi Monroe was out on one of her daily runs, when she noticed a phone on the ground. Kelsi grabbed it and continued with her run. Once back at her place, she started going through it to see who it belonged to. Kelsi went trough the pictures on the phone and found something that intrigued her… There were some dick pics in there that seemed to belong to the owner. This turned her on, so she decided to rub one out right then and there. Halfway through her session, there was a knock at her door. It turned out to be the rightful owner of the phone, and he demanded his phone back. However, Kelsi wasn’t going to let this guy go with the phone that easy. She asked him to prove that it was his phone by showing her his dick. It all escalated from there into a crazy fuck session. Kelsi chocked on that huge cock until her throat couldn’t take anymore. She then got her pussy slammed in several different positions until receiving a giant load all over her face mouth and tits.

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